About Us

Giusti Wall Tech's commitment goes further than just the end product. We are constantly investing in new equipment and technology to bring the most cost-effective, time-efficient, and highest quality solutions to our clients.

Giusti Wall Tech is an innovative prefabricated wall panel system that is produced and distributed from our state of the art manufacturing facility

Giusti Wall Tech has been prefabricating wall panels and perfecting our craft for more than 30 years and have built walls for more than 40,000 single and multifamily units. We bring decades of experience to all aspects of our production from design to shop floor and out on site.

Our semi-automated manufacturing facility is the first and largest of it's kind in western Canada and produces walls with the highest degree of quality and precision. Our software application allows us to produce wall panels with the flexibility that builders and architects require in achieving their project requirements.
  • Prefab walls translate into a schedule time savings of up to 25% in getting projects to the roof stages of construction.
  • Prefab walls reduce costs for materials for wall framing by up to 15% compared to onsite stick framing due to the fact that we are able to use virtually all of the materials we order.
  • Prefab walls also reduce labor costs for framers as it takes fewer people to stand the walls in shorter time than stick framing.

Giusti Wall Tech prides itself on supplying a product that is matched by no others and a service that is as trouble free to developers and builders as possible. We are framers building walls for framers and we strive to make our panel system work for the framers on site so that any feedback from site to developer remains positive. This can be seen in a few of the following testimonials from past and current customers and framing crews that have used Giusti Wall Tech walls.

"Giusti's prefabricated wall-panel system, Wall Tech, enables us to save time and achieve a faster construction schedule."
- Brad Remington, President, Panamount Place Ltd.

"What impresses us the most with Giusti is that they have a conscience - they take pride in their craft and ensure that their clients are profitable."
- Garth Mann, President, Stateman Group of Companies

"I have been in the multi-family housing industry for 18 years and had always stick framed units on site. Our latest project being a 128 unit development we decided to use Giusti's prefabricated wall systems. The project is going together much faster with less waste of materials and overall a real cost savings to our company. I will never go back to stick framing on site again."
- Cameron Ross BSA, Vice President Operations, Sable Resorts Inc.

"The Giust Wall Tech panel system is by far the best we have used and we would highly recommend it to any framing crew. It's obvious when you're putting Giusti's prefab walls together that they are designed and built by framers for framers and it is the best way we have found to increase production and lower our labor costs while remaining on schedule."
- Paul Agocs, ML Bros. Construction Ltd.

"Framing with prefabricated walls is new to us but we can now see that with labor and scheduling getting tighter and tighter, prefab is the only way to go. Giusti Wall Tech's attention to detail makes standing their walls faster and less labor intensive than stick framing with far less on-site waste."
- Jason Gartland, President, Snow Valley Framing Ltd.